The Actual Success of a Content

The success of content marketing strategies for companies in all industries is no secret anymore. That’s why, according to the report, 53% of digital agency professionals see the content management process as their top priority. However, there is a fact that opposes this in a worrying way. According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 30% of those responsible for B2B tools are satisfied with the results of their performance via Inbound Marketing. The use of free plagiarism checker happens to be essential here now.

Do you fit in with these statistics?

One reason for this dissatisfaction is poor content management. Sometimes brands stop creating it or even hire someone to do it. This results in a reduction in delivery quality and materials that do not perform as expected. In the following, you will find how organizing a planned workflow for all steps of content management helps with everyday life and can ensure the effectiveness of a strategy.

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The importance of a good content management process

If you have an efficient content management process, you spend less time on unnecessary refactoring, task execution, and miscommunication between your teams. Do you know the phrase time is money? Therefore, content management is a sign of the economy. The bill becomes unbeatable when it comes to an increase in the quality levels of the material produced as well as customer and employee satisfaction. That is, in the end, everyone wins. Now, let’s get to it.

The creation of the content management process

To do this magic within your business, you need to follow a few steps. Are they:

Have departure and arrival points

Establish the starting point of your content production process and identify the first step of the customer order, confirmation of the first part of the payment, etc. Soon after, it is also important to define the endpoint of content management. It can be either the delivery of the material or the collection of feedback. So it all depends on how your business process works.

Recognize people involved

Analyze all professionals who will be part of the process, from the person responsible for collecting and making work proposals to the one who values ​​the client’s happiness. List them and look for ways to track their productivity, such as team management software. You need to know who and how many they are, apart from what each needs to do to ensure the smooth running of the content management process.

Keep information centralized

Choose a way to centralize all material relevant and necessary to the content production process. Thus, the location should be accessible to all involved and contain essential information for each step.

In this case, it should be contained:

  • Customer information
  • Buyer personas definitions
  • Manual indications, references and briefings.

This avoids, for example, wasting time in a situation where you need to develop a blog post and a video on the same topic. Since research is common to both tasks, this saves labor and ensures information homogeneity.

You can outsource this responsibility. Realize the advantages of outsourcing content production for Inbound Marketing. Content producing agencies already organize all the planning. You can outsource the service, but you will still be part of the process by contributing suggestions and lending your expertise to set the agenda.


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