Smart Choices for the Best Animal Conservation

Every year on our planet is becoming less and less wild animals. And this is not difficult to understand: the number of people in the world is increasing, and the more people there are, the fewer places for animals to live. From the Screenhaus Magazin you can have the best deals.

The Disappearance of the Animals

Someone might think that animals disappear only because of the human hunt for them. However, without rational and deliberate hunting that regulates the number of birds and animals, roe deer, deer, and saigas would hardly exist now. Many species of animals disappear from the indirect influence of humans on their lives. The fact is that a man involuntarily takes away from his “lesser brothers” the natural habitats of animals, their food areas. Deforestation, plowing of steppes, desert development, swamp drainage, river clogging with industrial waste, pollution of the seas and atmosphere negatively affect the number of animals. These actions exterminate animals as quickly as using a gun, poison, traps.

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The Matter of Importance

Now it is important to preserve any kind of animal that nature has created over many millions of years.

And why do we need to save wild, especially rare and endangered animals? Perhaps, many do not think about this issue. But if they even think about it, they will quickly find the answer: if there are so few animals of any kind, they apparently have no significance in nature, so that even after their disappearance, life on Earth will not stop. Indeed, history knows a lot of such examples. However, those who think so are deeply mistaken.

From the Best Persons

The well-known English scientist J. Darrell rightly speaks about people’s attitude to wildlife: “Our world is as complex and just as vulnerable as a web. Touch a single web, and everyone else will tremble. And we are not just touching the web, we are leaving gaping holes in it, we are leading, one might say, a biological battle against the environment. ” The fact is that the fauna of our planet is not an accidental accumulation of various animal species, but a single, according to a functioning system, and the loss of any, at first glance, an insignificant link leads to serious changes. This is why it is important to preserve every kind of animal. Each species is unique, interesting and needed by nature and man.

  • Wild animals, especially rare and endangered species of animals, deserve close attention and respect. This is precisely the part of the organic world that is most vulnerable, and its loss is not only quite real but can occur in a very short time. That is why the conservation of rare and endangered species of animals, as well as, of course, plants is considered in the Russian Federation as a task of paramount importance.

A lot of work is being done in our country to enrich and protect nature, and the success of this largely depends on each of us.

Thanks to measures taken in the Soviet Union to protect wildlife, tangible results have already been obtained. Almost everywhere, the number of deer, moose, wild boars and other hunting animals increased. Many valuable animals (for example, sable, saiga), which once stood on the verge of extinction, have now multiplied so much that they have become objects of constant fishing. The measures to save the bison and kulan were also crowned with success.


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