Perfection for the Best 3D Printing Now

Used in many industries, 3D prototyping is one of the activities that have benefited the most from the advancement of 3D printing in the industry. In some traditional processes, such as part machining, it has been possible to replace them entirely with 3D printing processes. With เครื่องพิมพ์ 3 มิติ you can actually come up with the best options now.

As a result, this alternative has brought companies more savings, reduced prototype costs and faster product completion. And so, customization and speed are the words associated with 3D prototyping. Listed below are benefits that technology can bring to a business. Check out:

3D prototyping

Manufacturing products in traditional formats is not only time consuming, but it is often a costly process, especially to produce just one unit, as in a prototype. In addition, it would be no use investing time and money in a product, to discover the model is already outdated and that some researcher somewhere in the world found a better way to do it the next day.

3D printing then comes as an alternative format for the process of designing and prototyping a product. With it, you can create a dynamic prototyping cycle where changes can be made in a short time. Compared to traditional processes, 3D prototyping makes the process more dynamic, enabling more interactions and modifications, and is cheaper for small quantities.

เครื่องพิมพ์ 3 มิติ

Project Templates

In order to anticipate the image of what will be projected, 3D prototyping directly impacts the expectation of what the product or project will look like. Through software, with 3D visualization it is possible to have a real perspective of what will be done, thus ensuring that the end result is aligned with customer expectations, thus avoiding future changes and spending.

Now with 3D printing, this projection can go beyond, it is possible to materialize the visualization, making printed models that strictly follow what was modeled. While traditional mock-up models took weeks to complete, with 3D prototyping within hours or days, 3D visualization is printed. 3D prototyping has brought a real revolution especially for areas such as engineering, architecture, design and fashion.

Custom parts and equipment development

3D prototyping also enables companies to create fully customized and unique parts and equipment. Using this is a benefit to launch new products and equipment. Or even suppose there is a part or product to which a part has broken or no longer fits. With prototyping and 3D printing, it is possible to print this part of the product, thus replacing the missing part.

One machine and many materials

As already mentioned, technology is totally linked to the economy and agility in industrial processes. In traditional manufacturing, it is often necessary to invest in various machinery to operate materials which mean high costs and a lot of production time. With 3D printers using FDM technologies, it is possible in one process to work with multiple materials, making production much faster and more convenient.

With this technology, materials can still be colored in the tray itself, requiring less and less the intercession of manual procedures.

Time and material reduction

The ability to print multiple complex parts at once, with the exact amount of raw material needed to make them, is one of the biggest advantages of 3D prototyping. In steel industries, for example, where raw materials are more expensive, technology can result in considerable cost savings, thus avoiding waste or excess.


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