Exploring the Best of Soccer Here

Most likely, there is no one who has not heard of the existence of soccer. This sport is one of the most popular in the world, considered even the most popular, because it is practiced in all corners of the world, but also for the giant industry underlying it. For the madrid barcelonal tickets estadio santiago this is important now.

Most boys still dream, even small, to become successful players and enjoy fame through soccer. There are many soccer clubs on all continents, whose championship and touring competitions are bold with billions of fans. At the same time, due to its appreciation, other areas have been developed that have been a rapid development, such as sports betting. Currently, according to online portals, soccer competitions attract most gamblers, yet another proof of the popularity of this sport. But what many do not know is how soccer has appeared, as it looked in its original form and how the world’s first professional clubs and associations were formed. For a real passionate, this information will prove to be very interesting, especially to create a complete picture of the sport-king.

The origins of soccer

It is considered that soccer is a sport with a tradition of about 2000 years, but its original form is quite different from the present one. Ball games have existed since antiquity, and much evidence has been discovered in the history of various civilizations. FIFA, that is, the International Federation of Soccer Association recognized China as the country of origin of soccer, due to the fact that in the 200th century, during the Han dynasty, some of the Chinese people played a similar sport, called Tsuh-Kuh. At that time, the ball was filled with grass or tow, the winners received prizes, and the losing team was beaten by their own supporters. The main competition took place on the occasion of the emperor’s birthday, and the training was part of the military training. The name comes from “hit” – tsuh, and kuh refers to the ball used during the game. The gates were eight meters tall with 30 cm silk nets where the players had to cross the ball with their foot.

How soccer took shape as it is currently known

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Since the mid-19th century, soccer has been a very popular sport in England. However, he did not have a clear set of rules, and each team played as he thought which made it harder to develop and trigger conflicts between players. In 1863, some associations in England decided to meet and establish a set of common rules to be respected by all those who wanted to play soccer. These have come together under the name of the English Soccer Association, which still exists.

Following the meeting, it was decided that players were no longer allowed to use their hands during the parties except for the porters among other rules, and this led to a separation between the clubs that agreed and the opposing clubs. That’s what has become known today as “rugby” or “American soccer”.

At that time, in order to differentiate from the game where the ball could be reached by hand, it was decided on a distinct name, namely association soccer after the association’s name. Later, it was changed to soccer as it is now called in America, but in the twentieth century a decision was taken to renounce the term association, being considered an inappropriate expression for this sport. Thus, the official name has remained soccer since then and until today.


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