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The website design process contains several stages: collecting information, designing, developing, and testing. There are many researchers are undergone and suggest that the first thing for a website is the quality of website designs. Designers have to put simple things but visually website has to impress the user at first sight, whether users didn’t impress then they won’t come again. So that this stage is one most critical stages for the website design process. Website designing must take lots of time and patience. It must require proper planning and lots of techniques are involved. Generally give the competition for Website Design Agency , making a website with intuitive, proper design and stands out uniquely in competition is a difficult task for web designers. Web designers or website designers with more creative and more passionate in this design works and accept to work hard, all these can be achieved while dividing the stage of design into easy phases. These processes will differ from one designer to another designer. At the same time, experience designers remain the same. Some important phases of the web designing process are listed below.

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Gathering basics: First and important step for designing a good website is to collect and assemble information. It is a very important one because the designer requires a solid understanding of the company, its target audience, its goals, and requirements for the clients. Web designers have to ask more questions before starting the dressing process. Some common questions asked by designers are: Purpose of the website? The company wants to promote any service or to provide information for clients or sell any products? What is the wish to happen from this website? Who is your targeting? The main scope of the project? Requirements for non-technical and technical? Company preference? These are the information that must collect from the company sides to design good websites.

Well-structured ideas: This was another important phase for website designing. After gathering all information, it’s the right time to create ideas for the process. Designers must prepare lots of rough designs and align them down into few designs. These designs will be sent to the client to gets feedback. It is a stage that consists of assembling the cycle like first reviewing the image of the cycle, then tweaking and gets approval from the owner, likewise, design has to satisfy both sides client as well as designers. Another one is designers have to keep the end-user in mind while doing rough design.

Initiate workflows: Gathering the right information from one phase then comes with a design that gets positive feedback from the client’s side, now designers have to put it all together to plan a proper workflow. It is generally created as a diagram for the process from the designer’s side. From this phase, designers have to create a list for each section that includes on the website. It must be a brief content about each information that is shown on each page. Designers have to get a green signal from the client-side before continuing to the next stage of the phase.

Visual designs creations: This phase is involved in the placement of different design elements other than providing information about colour, style, graphics, etc. It shows the kind of content that is to be displayed on each page and provide information about different features like the email sign up button or social login button.


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