Articles and the Essential deals in Keeping Them Original

Use the numbers in the title. The title 5 countries to visit in South America‚Äč‚Äčare for example more interesting than Countries to visit in South America. When it comes to the Plagiarism Check then it is for sure that you will be having the perfect options for the same for the sake of the article.

Write the meta description

With regard to the SEO title and meta description, which many writers often overlook, they will not appear in the actual content but nevertheless affect the clickthrough rate (CTR). Web users will see them when they point to your page listed in the search results and decide whether or not to click on your link. It is therefore important to treat them and just like the title, they must contain the main keyword, be striking and not too long.

And since we already mentioned the meta-description, know that it is also essential for your SEO. This is a small catchy summary of your article, a text that will make the reader want to continue reading the article in its entirety. This text appears under the link of your site in the search results. If the reader finds it interesting, it will click on your site so it is decisive.

For precision: we must make the difference between percussion and toucher. The first arouses interest while the second sells dreams to avoid.

Well write the introduction of his article

This is the first paragraph that your readers will read if they find it too common or filled with blah, they leave the site without delay. It is important to treat it well by inserting the main keyword once in the first 100 words. Keep in mind that this is a way to introduce, once again, the subject and the keyword. When done well, quite short and relevant, it is often referred to as the Meta description tag.

Plagiarism Check

Define the number of words required

Your page has managed to crawl on the first page of the search results? Well done, but it’s not over! We must make sure that it stays there and it is not always easy. The trick to hope to keep a good position is to review and update your texts. If at the first draft, you made them short enough, it is high time to lengthen them, because the trend is now around 2,000 words.

Be careful, it’s not enough to add more detail to the ideas you’ve already made in the text, but to bring new ideas or arguments to prove to Google that you have a good command of the subject. Moreover, to classify the sites, this search engine also considers that knowledge of the subject is an important criterion of relevance without forgetting the context.

SEO images

The longer the text, the more images will always be needed to avoid the text block style. It is important to choose the beautiful, in a good format and not to forget the alt tag that refers to them.

Beautiful images for his website

To keep the navigation fluid, consider reducing the size of the image without taking too small a size. Keep in mind that nowadays, Google considers the mobile index for all sites, even when you view them on your computer. The download speed should not be hampered by images that are too heavy.


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