Tips to Manage Money in Slot Machines

Bankroll management is an extremely important skill that you must learn while playing at the casinos. A casino is a place that can overnight turn your life from “old rags-to-riches-fantasy”, but what you must not forget is that it can also make you bankrupt. Proper money management can save money in your pocket and limit your losses. It does not eliminate the winning or losing odds, but helps you to fight the tough situations that may arrive anytime. It’s a fact that the house always has an upper edge, one cannot eliminate that but one can at least try to keep their bankroll stable. Bankroll management doesn’t ever leave you down-and-out.

Furthermore, casinos have an aura that intoxicates you and makes you bet more and more. If you do not go with proper management, within a few hours it can leave you penniless. Bankroll management makes you understand your limits and lets you make wise decisions. Of course, everyone wants to return back from the casino with double the money they went in; but if you don’t manage your bankroll you might return back home flat.

Here are a few money management tips you should consider in order to protect your money :

TIP #1: Manage your bankroll before you play

Before you plan to visit a casino, set up your budget because once you will be inside, you are likely to spend more than you thought of. This is why proper bankroll management is very important while playing at a casino. Spend only as much as your budget allows, this rule needs to be followed both at land-based and online casinos. Even if you feel you still want to relish a few other games, don’t go beyond your bankroll at any cost and keep the rest of the games for the other day.


Don’t just spend your money saved for rents, fees, groceries, etc on the casino, remember that the chances of losing are as high as that of winning.

Of course, you cannot compromise the basic expenses of life for the sake of your entertainment.

TIP #2: Do not borrow money for gambling

Don’t drown into debts in order to have the fun of gambling, because it will only worsen your situation. When you borrow money, it brings in a lot of pressure along. Don’t forget the fact that people do lose big in the casino, so don’t borrow the money on the false hope of multiplying it in the casino. It is advisable to not use credit cards in the casinos because it makes you cross all limits of your budget. Also, the bank charges a transaction fee which means the amount to be paid back will always be greater than the money you borrowed. Remember that it is easy to borrow but too difficult to pay, so don’t make that mistake.

TIP #3: Keep half of your winning amount aside

When you hit a jackpot, it immediately shoots up your confidence and you start to feel that the winnings will keep flooding in thereafter, but that’s not true. Yes, a jackpot can be followed by more payouts and jackpots, but not always. A jackpot can also be followed by a big loss, so lower your adrenaline levels and don’t spend all of your jackpot money on the next spin. This might take away your jackpot money and make you return back home empty-handed. A good fortune that made you win the jackpot might immediately turn you fortuneless if you don’t spend it wisely. Make it a rule to keep half of the jackpot money aside, and play with only the other half, this way you will never be stone broke.

TIP #4: Don’t spend all at once, divide your money into sessions

Usually, people are so excited to visit a casino that they forget about their bankroll and spend more than they should. The vibe of the casino is such that it traps you and entices you to play more and more. So, only carry the amount you can afford, don’t take all your cash along.

If you are on a trip to Las Vegas, don’t spend all you have on the very first day, divide it equally into the days of your trip.

TIP #5: Go slow!

Yes, its rightly said “Slow and steady wins the race”, this is true for slots too.  Don’t be in a haste to play, casino games require a sharp mind. Observe and analyze everything before you make your next move. Walk around the casino, observe the patterns of the slot machines and other games. Wisely choose the best slot machine to start with. Also, after winning a jackpot, don’t get too excited, carefully decide what should be done next. Have a few drinks and conversation with people in the casino, relax, and then play calmly. Abrupt decisions can often spoil your experience.

Once you have understood these tips for managing money in slot machines, you can hop onto osg777 to play the best slots online.


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