Some Interesting Facts about Hair

Hair is the most precious part of our body. If you don’t have hair, you feel embarrassed & ashamed. This is due to the stress level or other reason. To know more, read this article as we give some shocking tips that no one should remember yet

Hair is the most important component of the human body. Typically, it is an important filament which is made up of protein that is found in the dermis. Specific areas of the body are covered in Follicles which effectively produce thick and long-lasting hair. The common interest area in Hair is primarily focused on Growth. Another thing that everyone should know about hair is that it is composed of a protein known as Alpha-keratin.

If you are suffering from extreme hair fall then, you can be concerned with the best surgeon as he evaluates your condition & advises on Hair Transplant methods.

In addition to this, if you know everything about Hair then remember again as there are lots of interesting or surprising facts about Hair that nobody has heard of. To know more, check the following list:

  • Growth of Hair is Faster in Warm Atmosphere

Scientists revealed that the theory behind the hair growth is genuine as Warm weather or climate influence better blood circulation and then trigger the overall hair growth process.

You can search it over the Internet & get in touch with a dermatologist for better Hair Loss treatment.

  • Hair is considered Dead part of the body

It has been proved that the hair we often see outside is dead while the hair that is present in the inner part of the epidermis is living. This is the main reason behind the hair cut. If you have a hair cut after that new hair is produced on the head.

  • Black is the most common Hair color and Red is most Rare

Dark-colored hairs are found most commonly & considered the common type. Did you know that 1% of the world’s population has red hair that is natural but the most uncommon color of hair is blonde?

  • Human Hair involves DNA 

Researchers exposed that human hair consists of important information that human hemoglobin carries. It is also cleared that a strong Hair filament can easily identify human DNA.

  • The average lifespan of Hair is five years

Another interesting fact about Hair is that a single hair strand remains on the head for 4-5 years. This is the surprising fact that nobody knows yet and the most important thing is that strong hair is the main pillar of a beautiful look.

  • The Second Fastest Growing tissue in the Human body.

Did you know that Hair is the second-fastest-growing tissue in our body the first fastest is bone marrow tissue?

  • Drying change the shape of the Hair

Water changes the entire hydrogen bonds that make our hair flatter during the shower. That is why most women dislike humidity. This is because the water in the air changes the entire complexion of Hair along with silkiness and structure. The change in hair structure causes frizziness in Hair.

  • Hair Cutting doesn’t impact hair growth

This is one of the shocking facts about hair because it is important to know that haircutting does not reduce the growth level of hair. Split ends will stop the overall hair growth.


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