Can we get better electricity rates with more Power to Choose suppliers?

Prices for the most used types of energy or electricity rates are shown in the monthly electricity bill or at the gas station. This price is well known and must be paid by the consumer separately. At first glance, renewable energy actually looks more expensive than traditional energy.

This quickly changes when we consider the entire energy supply chain, where renewables outperform traditional energy in terms of cost. In addition, renewable energy protects the air, water, soil, plants, and animals from pollutants, saving resources and reducing land use. Obviously, renewable energy equipment can be easily dismantled and recycled at the end of its life, but societies around the world are using traditional energies such as nuclear and coal and the environment is due to uranium and caused by coal.

Hence, there are so many options for electricity production. Hence, consumers need to have Power to Choose their supplies. Electricity must be produced and supplied, and these processes consume the energy provided by the fuel. As you probably know, fuel prices change and affect your electricity bill. Electricity prices generally reflect the costs of building, financing, maintaining, and operating power plants and grids. Some commercial utilities also include economic benefits from electricity fees for owners and shareholders.

Power to Choose

How Energy Supplier Buy Energy?

Energy suppliers don’t just buy energy in advance. Most of their energy is purchased upon a new contract. However, wholesale energy prices can change on a daily basis, just like the stock market. Global events and supply and demand influence possible changes. This means that wholesale prices can change several times a day. If a supplier buys energy from the wholesale market in the morning, the price he pays may be different from the price he pays if he buys energy in the afternoon. If these changes are significant, the supplier can retract the price and introduce a new one. This doesn’t happen often, but price swings can happen several times a day.

But if you make your choice and agree to the deal, there’s always the possibility that someone will offer you a cheaper price the next day. It’s like buying a new pair of shoes and going to the same store the next day, and they’re on sale for half price. It’s impossible to know exactly what will happen in a particular situation, but when shopping, we know we’ve done our best to keep energy prices as low as possible. If you are using standard floating prices and a supplier tells you that energy prices are rising, you usually switch to a new provider (or a different rate from your current provider) to make a better deal.

As mentioned, it may not be the case now. We need to improve our options of Power to Choose suppliers. Market strength can increase or decrease the wholesale price of gas, which has a spillover effect on energy prices.

If you want to make yourself as energy efficient as possible, but still have high electricity bills, you can try switching your supplier or you can install solar power on your roof.


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